Australia adopts modern slavery laws

Australia is quite firm for the labor laws of this country. Therefore, a new set of rules had been implemented due to which slavery would be curbed in Australia. Modern slavery could be ended by these rules. These rules would make sure that corporations could end employing child labor. These laws have ensured that modern slavery could be ended in both the supply chains whether it’s domestic or international because companies are required to report about them. The businesses also need to report the measures taken by them to fight such slavery. The Australian government has also put in a lot of money to ensure that the companies can’t exploit workers. A Modern Slavery Business Engagement Unit has become a part of the Department Of Home Affairs with an investment of 3.6 million AUD.

So, it’s beneficial to get to live in Australia through an immigration visa. Australia is one of the best countries to live in the world. Supported by the Labor Party, there has also been a recommendation of the appointment of a commissioner for the modern slavery law. The state of New South Wales has decided to hire a commissioner to oversee that the labor laws are followed. The labor is not required to be hired in unsafe conditions. In 2016-2017, there were reports about 150 cases for modern slavery. Therefore to curb all this, this law has been passed for modern slavery. The governments all over the world are initiating steps to reduce modern slavery.

You can get to Australia through the 189 visas of this country. This visa is meant for those who are skilled professionals and might not have a relative living here. They can get immigration with a good score which should not be less than 7 in every IELTS band. However, there is a restriction on the “age” for this visa. Your age must be lower than 45 years.

Why to take help from a consultancy?

It’s important to take advice from a consultancy to get this visa. Apart from that, you must also provide correct documents. Once you provide fake documents, there are high probabilities of rejection for a visa.  A visa application can be denied once the person does not have proper health and faces chances of rejection. Australia also has a strong background checking system only after which a candidate is approved for immigration here. The immigration minister of this country has been bestowed with powers to cancel the visa for this country if anything wrong about the visa aspirant comes to light. That’s how this country takes care of immigrants coming here. Visa aspirants who have heart problems or mental problems can be denied immigration to this country.

Once you have some health issues, the Australian government is not willing to take you because you can be a drag on the country’s medical expenditure system. This is estimated by estimating the medical expenditure costs related to you. They should not be more than 21,000 AUD for 5 years. 66.6% of visa rejection for Australia PR happens due to these reasons.

So, contact an immigration consultant who knows the best of options available for you depending on your circumstances.