Enjoy a Canadian holiday for 2 years with a Canada Working Holiday visa

In a new development of it’s kind, Canada has reduced the age for the Working Holiday visa. Earlier it was 35 years, but now its 30 years. So, the Working Holiday visa is now given to older participants also who are more than 30 years old. Get this visa for 2 years. The Working Holiday visa helps you stay in Canada and you have working privileges. The candidate can be free to work for anyone and no problems ensue. Canada Working Holiday visa is a simple open work permit. After working in Canada for two years on this permit, you can also continue to live in Canada on another visa or move back to Australia.

Enjoy the gondola ride at Whistler

Canada also has many places where Australians can easily work and make money too. One of these places is the Whistler Mountains situated in British Columbia. This skiing destination has so many adventures packed up that you can easily enjoy after your work gets over. You can enjoy the gondola ride between the two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb. This ride begins in the Roundhouse Lodge situated on the Whistler Mountain and ends in the Rendezvous Lodge on the Blackcomb Mountain. Traveling in a Gondola, you stare at these two majestic mountains located next to each other. This is an unforgettable ride which only takes place in the summer season. Right now, the ride is closed, and it will open again on 25th May. The last day for the operation of this ride is October 14th, 2019. The ride is closed because the snow starts to set on the mountains.

Types of jobs at Whistler

So, you can get jobs as a Travel Consultant, and Research Coordinator. Both are very interesting job profiles, the job of   Research Coordinator involves provides information to the various departments of the Whistler Tourism authority so that sales strategies are quite effective. A travel consultant has to match the needs of the customers with what the Whistler tourism has to offer so, sales can happen.

Working at Banff National Park

Banff in Alberta is also a popular destination among Canada Working Holiday visa holders. Banff national park has the Canadian Rockies which are a supreme place for an outing. Lake Louise is the main attraction of the Banff National Park and an idyllic place with green water. Due to its topography consisting of mountains, glaciers and even lakes, great tourism happens to Banff national park and over 5 million visitors came to this place in the 1990s. Jasper National park is also located here along with Banff National Park.

Jobs at Banff

There are all kinds of jobs in Banff which include the job of a dishwasher and Guest services attendant at Barista. You can also have major perks of working at Barista which include connecting with various customers from different nationalities. Apart from that, you work in the clean pollution free environment of the town of Banff. There are coniferous forests in the town of Banff which is large with an area of 6,641 sq km.

If you want to work and holiday in the beautiful places of Whistler and Banff, then Nile Migration is there at your aid to get the Canada Working Holiday visa.


Egg thrown at the Australian Prime Minister while campaigning

In an incident which was one of its kind, the Australian prime minister candidates Scott Morrison had to face an egg thrown at him. The egg hit him from behind in the head. Australia’s elections are going to be held on 18th May this year. A woman who was 25 years old was responsible for the act. Morrison was busy campaigning for the elections and was attending the country women’s Association event in New South Wales at Albury. The egg when it hit the Prime Minister’s head from behind didn’t break as expected and leaped in another direction. The woman who had tossed the egg decided to run away, but the authorities caught her. A woman also lost her balance and fell, while the authorities rushed after the egg-thrower. The incident was unexpected and the Prime Minister was chatting with some women attending the event when this happened.

The Prime Minister was not harmed in any way. Morrison has announced immigration cut from 1,90,000 to 1,60,000 once he is elected as the Prime Minister again. He has been the reigning Prime Minister of this country since August 2018. Australia immigration happens because of a shortage of skills in many Australian industries. That’s why Australia seeks workers in its various industries through the MLTSSL lists for the 189 visa. You can easily work in Australia if your occupation is included in this list. It has 212 occupations as of now. So, you can easily get immigration as per this visa.

Freedom with the 189 visa

 The 189 visa has one of the desirable conditions. You are free to live in any part of Australia with this visa. This country has equally beautiful landscapes as much as well-paying opportunities for jobs and career advancements. The unemployment rate at 5% is not much in this country. Australia has some of the best salaries for graduates. In Australia, graduates from college can earn up to 60,385 in AUD. A graduate accountant can earn as much as between 45,000-50,000 AUD. The average salary for someone looking for a job in a bank is 75,000-85,000 AUD. There are also salary limits decided for an Australian government employee which is equivalent to 75,000-85,000 AUD. That’s why working in Australia has its benefits. An IT software developer can earn up to, 60,000-85,000 AUD in the profile of a Database Developer. A machinist in a  fast moving consumer goods industry can also earn good amounts up to 45,000-65,000 AUD.

That’s, why Australia is a preferable country for professionals. Australia immigration granted through the 189 visa is easy to get because no state sponsorship is needed for it. A  valid expression of interest is needed before you can be selected through this visa. Then an invite is sent to the eligible candidates so that they can create applications. It is the right time for the applications for this visa because the application fee for this visa is about to increase to 3,958 AUD which will make getting this visa tougher for you. Nile Migration can help you to float your immigration applications.


546 candidates selected through the September 3rd draw

There was new progress made in the case of immigration to British Columbia. In a draw that happened on September 3rd, British Columbia issued invitations to 546 visa aspirants. These aspirants were selected through a draw that happened through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program. This draw was conducted in the two streams of Express Entry and Skills Immigration.

The Skills Immigration Registration System(SIRS) selects candidates when they apply to this stream. The categories for which visa aspirants were selected for this stream were Skilled Worker, Semi-skilled, Entry Level, and International graduate categories.

The SIRS has its own points system. Let’s get to know what it is. A job offer is required for you to be selected as per these categories. Apart from that, the place where the job is situated affects the SIRS score. Apart from that, other factors that influence this score are the NOC code of your job. So, the occupations which are in demand get a high score. The salary of your job also affects your SIRS score.  Other important factors are the kind of education you have, proficiency in the main language of English and how much education you have. The draw required someone to have scores above 90, i.e. between 93 and 100.

The following table indicates the scores for the various categories of this immigration draw.

EEBC – Skilled Worker96
SI – International Graduate98
SI – Skiled Worker93
SI – Entry Level & Semi-Skilled77
EEBC – International Graduate100

Why to immigrate to British Columbia?

There is so much to do and explore in British Columbia. Its because the Canadian Rockies are situated here. Vancouver contains those buildings which were built when the British ruled Canada. Vancouver is a densely populated city of Canada with 5,400 residents living every square kilometer.

It’s amazing but Vancouver has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world than any other city. Sun Tower is the colonial-era building situated here. When it was built in 1912, the Sun Tower with its height of 84 meters was the highest building in Vancouver city.  It has a steel dome which adds to its magnificence. This steel dome is covered with patina.

So, you can gaze at this building. Vancouver’s second tall building was the Dominion building with a height of 45 m. This is how Vancouver and its skyscrapers are a sight to behold. You can also stay in one of the pleasant hotels located here which has a towering height of 201 m. Living Shangri La is one of the most delightful places with 62 storeys.

You will no problem settling in Vancouver because it has a lot of ethnicities living here. There are the Indians, Chinese, German,  Filipinos, Cambodians, and many other ethnicities also living here. There are right now, more than 243,135 Indians living in Vancouver. So, you can immigrate to British Columbia either through the Express Entry or through the SIRS system. Collect more information through us.